Matt recently moved all our files to Google Drive. We love the access to everything from anywhere. He also added the Spanning Backup feature which gives us confidence that things are automatically backed up and protected from Ransomware. Not having to remember to back things up regularly is such a time saver! 

We also appreciated Matt's diligence in training everyone on the systems and his responsiveness when additional questions arise. His customer service is superior!

- Dana Gonnerman, Owner and President of Mastering Excellence


Matthew introduced us to things we didn't know were available. He transitioned us smoothly from our out-dated way of storing and accessing data to new ways that will improve our team's efficiency tremendously.

- Glenn Lauby, President at Tigris Specialty Construction


Matthew is setting our company up with cloud based technology as well as phones. We've been extremely impressed with his knowledge and expertise as well as his problem solving and patience with our woefully out of date computers. He has also been training us so that we can fully use all of the cool stuff he's setting up. We're already more streamlined and effective as a team using the new system and we're excited for phase II. Highly recommend his services!

- Stephanie McEvoy, Office Manager at Tigris Specialty Construction


Our company just recently migrated from the Microsoft Exchange Server we had been running on for several years over to Microsoft Office 365. It was a need and an upgrade that was long overdue given the fact that our server was becoming very unreliable. However, we knew that the process involved would not be an easy one therefore we put it off for as long as possible. We hired Matthew Ulasien on a consulting basis and he proved to be very diligent, dedicated and an invaluable resource for our tough situation. He spent many long hours and after hours working to complete our very challenging and time sensitive project. If there was something he was not familiar with, he would fully research it to get us an answer and the help we needed. Without his skill, expertise and attention to detail, we wouldn’t be up and running to this day causing possibly many more work delays. Thank you Matthew for a job well done!

- Susan Ebel, Proximity Wireless


Thanks Susan. Proximity Wireless was on an aging Windows 2003 server that was living on borrowed time. Not a good situation when your entire business is housed on one single point of failure. After a successful migration to Office 365, they no longer have to deal with yet another server error and can focus solely on their business.


Thank you Matt for helping with our needs at Garrison Plumbing. The Evernote that you set up for us works awesome. It has really made our checking invoices so much faster, and paperless.

As always a new system has its issues. But with Matt's help we were able to work through those without much effort. I would definitely use Matt again for any of our data or technical needs. Thank you so much for your time Matt.

- Gary Pflumm, Garrison Plumbing


Thanks Gary. Garrison Plumbing was getting buried in invoices (about 500 per month). They were having trouble managing processed invoices to be able to retrieve later. Trying to find a specific invoice for a certain customer that involved a particular part was like finding a needle in a haystack. After getting set up with Evernote, finding the tiniest detail from past invoices is a simple search string away. Less time is spent hunting through paperwork and more time is spent focusing on the business.